Can you give me general relationship advice?

can't get a girlfriend for the life of me, I don't think I am ugly, I do have confidence issues (maybe a little) only when dealing with girls but not in life, nor am I a deadbeat and I live comfortably and financially secure, finishing college 1 year and got accepted to graduate school already.

I know I am not movie star but all my female friends tell me I don't look ugly...

I only pursued 4 girls throughout high school/college, the girls that like me I end up not liking.

It just seems like the girls I try to pursue never want to start a relationship with me?

Some help? am I bad looking or what? is my lack of self confidence when communicating with girls preventing me from relationships?

Are the girls I am pursuing too hot?

recently I asked a girl I am really fond off to lunch, she says yes, then she doesn't bring it up - I try to bring it up through texts twice and she answers me but completely ignores the part about lunch, /my life story


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  • here's what I did that you could do:

    1. Make the person WANT to be with you. How do you do that? First you tell them that you want to be with them but they have to PROVE to you a reason why you should be with them. For example? I wanted to go see this guy and I was like, well I've never visted a guy before so you have to give me a hundred good reasons why I should come see you. He gave me a few so I went to see him. Plus he called me a lot and we talked on the phone for a while before I went to visit him.

    2. Make the person feel like they LIKE you. You have to have a few good vibes and good conversations, don't show you're mad at them if you are right away. For example? I kept on asking, do you like me? He kept on saying my name and I ask What? and he says I like you... at least a few times.

    3. You have to have some friends that tells the girl that you LIKE them. I don't know how to explain this one but if you and your future girlfriend hangs out with your friends (you do have friends don't you?) then have your friends tell your girl how much you like her. :) This should be a plus, at least it was for me.

    Good luck


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  • Bad looking or not, what really counts is the great feelings a guy has. At least to me looks isn't the first thing. But don't feel rushed because you can't find a girl who you can share everything you want. Give it time, and when you least expect it she'll be right next to you. Also you need to start thinking too... Are looks important to you or not? Go out with friends to different places, get to know new people, try doing different things.


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  • Be less picky. Go for one of the girls that do like you. You will have someone plus you will gain experience and confidence. Also having a girlfriend makes you more attractive to other girls.

  • try not to look for relationships. just look for good times and see what comes of it

  • go for average-looking girls.

    if they are shy, your chances of becoming her boyfriend goes up... or at least, that's what I think.