the guy I like likes me too.

we alrady had sex but kinda just happend, in the moment kinda thing.

that was awhile ago but we still talk and we have a thing goin.

but now he likes this other girl too. which is alright because its not like were datin.

but I don't wanna have sex with him again if were not datin

and he hasn't done anythin with this girl yet.

i asked him if they had a thing and he was just like yea kinda.

and then I asked if we were ever gunna chill again and he says he wants to.

but I'm thinkin its just for sex.

im not doin that without datin anymore... its my new years resolution and I'm tryin my best to stick to it.

i just wish he would pick one of us instead of tryin to have both of us.

any advice?


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  • Don't just be concerned what HE might have on his mind as far as chilling or not or if might just want to have sex if you do. The important thing is if YOU want to chill with him and whether you'll let him have sex or not. If you want to chill with him without having sex then just don't have sex with him. You'll find out real fast what he has in mind as far as chilling. You don't sound very excited about dating him and neither does he based on what you said. If you just want to be friends w/o having sex then do that. Don't leave it up to him to make up his mind which girl he wants. You make some decisions yourself if you want to chill with him even if he kinda likes another girl, etc.. and let him know where you stand on all this should he make any moves.

  • Yeah, stop having sex with him. If he loses interest, then he just wanted sex from you.


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