Obsessed with kissing!

OK so lately I've been obsessed with thinking about kissing. there's this guy I have a date with soon, and I want to kiss him so bad, but the last time I kissed a guy he broke up with me. it was my first kiss and apparently it wasn't good enough. I really want to try again, (I know I can do better) but I'm afraid that the same thing will happen again. I guess I don't really have a specific question here, I'm just looking for opinions.


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  • well, I think if a guy breaks up with a girl because she is not a good kisser then he didn't like you from the beginning.this guy is really stupid. And anyway you shuldnt be worried about this date either,because if he did the same then he doesn't deserve you.

    PLUS, you should play it a bit hard and not kiss him on your first date ;)