Girls, do you like to talk to a guy you possibly like, not yet but possibly everyday single day?

My question is Because I got this girl that I'm talking to & obviously I was the one who approach her & get her number & start calling her. At first she was curious but then after we start talking I didn't have a clue that she could be interested in me. But now we have been talking a lot & she seems that she's interested but the thing is I'm way to paranoid that I'm being to straight forward & fast (not desperate Because I have other options & I'm mean what's the point of playing around.) To tell you the truth I'm a really anxious guy ha ha just joking I'm just don't wanna waste time, time is gold) I don't know if you girls tend to not answer text or phone calls on purpose but when she doesn't replay I start thinking that worst , but when she see that I'm not trying to communicate with her she calls me & is not that she is playing hard to get or at least that's what she says but who knows I think almost every girl do that. & when we get to talk & it's all cool like she never received those text or phone calls. Who knows maybe I'm too straight forward which can be intimidating. So my Questions is, Does a girl that calls somebody & talks for like 1 hour & make plans to go out but she always says she's busy working is she's really into me or not necessarily? Do you girls Like to talk to someone that you could possible be interested, not yet, but getting there, everyday or that is like suffocating? Do you think I should stop calling her & texting her everyday or at least 1 phone call/text or not everyday or should I skip text or girls do like hearing from guys everyday? I've been talking to her for like a month and a I'm being desperate or way too fast, I don't see it that way but I could be so wrong? what's your opinion really; The details & questions are a bit long but try answering please. I'm in the dark here & it feels f***ing weird to talk about this with somebody "hahahah.


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  • i space it out because I don't like to come on too strong. I like the build the anticipation and make them wait, because if I make them wait they generally want me more.

    • You'll do that.. make him wait even if you want him & you know he wants you too? Why the space, do you analyze things first to make sure that he is right for you?

    • yes even if I want him and he wants me. I don't want to come across as needy or desperate. I am not a needy person and don't want him to think I am.

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