What does it mean when a guy wants you to give him a kiss on the cheek?

I was at a party in my residence and one of the guys who I'm not close friends with always asks me to wear my slippers(which I get a lot of compliments for) because they are really furry and multi-color. Anyways, every time I see him he asks for my slippers. But when he was giving them back to me at the end of the night at this party, he pointed to his cheek and leaned in, so I gave him a kiss. What does this mean?

Is he interested or just being friendly?


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  • could be either one or both. He probably wouldn't be opposed if something else happened, tho. Provided he's straight of course.

    • yes he's straight

    • what do you mean by it could be either one or both of what?

    • He could like you or he could just be kinda flirty by nature and not be interested at all. It's kind of a judgement call on your part no one besides you can answer that.

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