Is there still hope?

OK so I've really only had one good convo with this girl in school and had a little convo with her on one of her Facebook pics. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I asked her if she wanted to see a movie over the weekend and she said she was gonna be with friends. I haven't talked to her since so do I still maybe have a chance and if I do how can I make it better?


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  • Chat her up more. Get to know her and learn what kind of things she likes. After a few days go do something she likes (if you still want to do a movie find out what kind she prefers *comedy is always a good one) Don't give up yet, It's only the beginning! If it fails again, try, try again! What's to lose with what you have now?

    Best of luck,


    • Thanks! And I know I'm doing my best to try and get to talk to her more but I don't wanna make anything awkward you know

    • just don't do or say anything you don't feel comfortable with. Just be calm and throw in a compliment. Girls love compliments :)

    • Haha yeah I know I like to compliment them often but without over doing it

  • Ask her how she's doing, and after you get the convo going, bring up the movie idea again. If she keeps making excuses, she's probably not interested. She must know you're interested by now, so she doesn't show interest back eventually, that usually means she's just not that into you.

    But at this point, there's definitely still hope!




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