When does texting a guy become too much?

i really REALLY like this guy and he told me he likes me. we've only hung out a couple of times but it seems like I'm the one that's always bringing up doing something together and even though he told me he would text me over the weekend so we could do something, he never did so I don't know what to think about that and I guess I don't really have a problem asking him to hang out again I just don't want to seem pushy or have him get bored because don't guys like "the chase" ?


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  • Okay. He may not like you or he may be shy. That is what I am getting from this. If he isn't trying he may either not be interested or her may be to shy to make a move, it seems like there is no "chase" here. And it seems rather onesided, don't text him if you've texted him more than twice already, because he got them, he is just not answering or he is doing something else. But yes the "chase" thing is true, that being the case, don't be too clingy, and good luck. :)