Would a kiss on the cheek be too much?

A guy friend is coming to visit me soon, but we went on a few dates before I moved away and haven't seen each other for a few months. We never really talked about where we stood, but there was definite interest on both parts when I left. Anyways, he's coming to stay with me for a few days & was wondering if it'd be too much to kiss him on the cheek when I see him again. We never really crossed the 'touch barrier' other than hugs before and I want to let him know I'm still interested without freaking him out or putting pressure on him... What do you guys think?

Obviously I'm going to go in for a big, lingering hug first and tell him how excited I am to see him, but my question is more 'Should I kiss him on the cheek too?' He can be a bit shy at first...


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  • Dooo it. There's no harm in it.


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