He kissed me and has a girlfriend, but I think I really like him?

So this guy in one of my classes and I always mess around like we want to kiss each other and stuff like that. he is always touching my thigh and playing with my hair and ears and just the other day he asked if a kiss would make me feel better Because I was mad. I just shrugged my shoulders and he stood up in the middle of class and he kissed me. He hugs a bunch of other girls,but he has a girlfriend who he says saved his life in a roll over accident because she was in the car. I really am confused about how I feel. should I just give up on him or is there still hope? Please help.


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  • Sounds like he likes you, ICarly reference incoming...Carly doesn't love you, she loves what you did. (Carly being the guy, Freddy being the girl)


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  • He likes you, but it's not good at all, in the end, you'll be hurt.

    This happened to me and a guy and in the end he chose his girlfriend because he loved her. It took me forever to get over, and we kissed and even made out a few times and I was really starting to like him when all went to hell and he left me looking silly and desperate.

    You need to talk to him and ask what's going on and what he's doing. For your own good.

  • best thing you can do is cut yourself off from him. if you he likes you more than the girlfriend he'll have to make a choice...just tell him that it's uncomfortable for you to be around him or talk to him because you're starting to have feelings for him that are more than a friend and he has a girlfriend. this way you're gonna see how strong his feelings are he can't have a girlfriend that he really loves and behave that way with other girls and you need to show him that you respect yourself above all and you're not someone to be played with...which is what he's doing.