She doesn't text back??

I'm trying to figure out why this chick from work has such weird texting patterns, a few weeks ago she responded to at least 90% of my texts, last week she ignored most of them so I didn't text her for a week and today, I noticed she liked something I posted on Facebook at like 5:36 am and I texted her saying "what are you doing up, its too early, go back to bed" and she told me she had already been awake for an hour, an then ignored my next too text, then later today, I texted her again and got no response.. I've heard her mention in the past that she's just lazy sometimes and other times that she just doesn't know what to say, but I've never seen her response rate to me be so low, am I worrying over nothing or should I call her out on it?


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  • I always say communication is key to any relationship whether it be with friends, family, or partners, you have to have that trust and self-assurance that there's no time to be wasted, so if something is bothering you, there's a reason for it. Either because it's all in your head or there's hard evidence.

    Back to you, I'd say there's nothing to worry about because a) you two aren't going out, I'm assuming you guys are co-workers that's all b) us ladies can tell when a guy is into us, just like you guys can tell when we're being obvious and we want something, in other words, she's either playing it cool and a little hard to get or just doesn't want to make conclusions and overreact so to me, its simple. The girl has a life just like you, too bad she hasn't heard from you how you feel about her, maybe that will make her text you everyday but then there's the chance of rejection, plus if you don't like her than why so worried about her not returning the texts? Either you do care about her in a deep level or you don't because any other guy would had moved on, so if you do, then call her out, let her know, if she cares about you she'll give you her reasons for not doing it, it doesn't mean she'll change, but hey, she'll acknowledge it and try to have a decent kinda long conversation with you or just text you back every now and then so no worries, go with the flow and take some chill pills, there's nothing wrong going on here. :)



    • I actualy did tell her through text about 3-5 months ago that I had feelings fore her and wanted to know if she felt the same, she told me she never liked me in that way, which sucked but in order to keep things cool at work I tried to act like it didn't bother me, in someways she seems a bit distant and in other ways she seems like she closer to me than she was before, she just seems kinda hot and cold.

    • Based on what you tell me, when a girl tells a guy no matter who he is and what he looks like, if she doesn't see it the same way as the guy, as in having feelings maybe its because she doesn't, if I were you I would move on BUT if you feel there is something there as if you can tell there's potential, I'd stop texting her less and try to hang around her more, if your persistent she might let is sly and see you differently or you'll just have to get the leave me alone, but hey its worth they try! :)

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  • I think that your just a friend to her. I have the same texting patterns as her and it's because I'm not really a texting person. Like one day , I get back to text super quick, then another day I don't really respond to them and then another day, I respond to very few for only a short amount of time. I'm a much better responder online (like Facebook). But one thing I've noticed is that when a girl really likes a guy, she will always somehow have time for him. When I like a guy, I can't wait until he text me and I always want to respond to him so the conversation keeps going. But maybe that's just me. Just ask her why she sucks as texting back sometimes (in a joking matter ofcourse)..maybe she's just not a texting person.

  • She's just not that into you.

    • Which I don't get cuz, I won't say that I'm hot, but I'm definitely decent looking, I'm in better shape than like 75% of guys, and I'm a lot more confident than the average joe, and whenever we talk she seems to like telling me all her problems, I feel more like I've just been friend-zoned

    • "but I'm definitely decent looking, I'm in better shape than like 75% of guys, and I'm a lot more confident than the average joe"...All physical...maybe she feels no emotional connection.

    • Isn't confidence emotional? I also seem to make her laugh quite a bit, I just don't know how to build more of a relationship with her if she doesn't text back... I mean one of her close guy friends says that she's hot but he'd never date her because she's an awkward conversationalist, but I mean come on, there's gotta be a way

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