How do I get answers? Wait, tease, or be bold!?

The problem is he isn't responding to me, just out of the blue. he's been saying he really wants to hang out again for the past month while we've been unavailable, but then a couple days ago, is coming up with excuses why he can't hang out . I've confronted him with a question but he's not answering. So what is the best way to get answers?

A. Wait til he says something or I see him again within the next week or two

B. keep texting suggestive pictures that I know he likes (with no text, just pictures)

C. just straight out say something bold, like really dirty text. and if so, what?


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  • bold and teasing. Tell him when your going to hang out and what your doing. Like text and him b like oh by the way we are doing yadayada tomorrow. And if he declines or w/e say somthing like. you don't wanna see me =( . Or tease him and you can call him a meanie or somthing cutesey out of the blue. And when he asks why you tell him because he never wants to spend time with u


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