We had sex, now we both act shy, how can it be fixed?

We were originally just friends and when we first started dating and everything was just casual, I felt like I could be myself around him and he was just naturally attracted to me. Funny, outgoing and playful I was. As time progressed and we became closer and closer, I have noticed a change in us BOTH. We are more quiet and shy around each other! The date we had just before we had sex, it was sort of awkward. Like he didn't know what to say, and he would sometimes break eye contact with me out of nervousness. We are way more affectionate now but our conversations are not like they used to be. How can this be fixed? It's so hard now that we both look at each other differently.


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  • Where do you guys live, in a cave . . .

    I guess now things are slightly different between you, was it the sex that caused this change or did it come naturally . . .

    • No it started a bit before the sex. After sex we have gotten closer, we talk everyday it just doesn't flow like it used to

  • You crossed the line too soon. There are certain things once realized that you can not take back.

    Perhaps some space would help.


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