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HI... here's a little background... OK so this guy Chance is my brothers best friend. He's lived with us on multiple occasions. But we moved away from him for about 3 years during which time we never once saw each other and I totally forgot he even existed... until he found me on a site called RMB which basically was me with very skimpy to no clothes on then we started texting and talking and flirting.. So he knows EVERYTHING about me.. Then he came and moved in with us and I got scared and didn't.. "deliver" even tho he beggggged me too. after about 2 years of him with us, about a year ago, we did stuff. but I stopped him because I was scared my brother would come.. He was my first ever sexual experience beside kissing . That being said.. here's the dilemma

So he moved out for about 2 yrs, and got married then divorced and now he's back with us.. and now I really like him.. a lot.. and I am not longer as.. "innocent" as I use to be.. But my bff (Chelsea), told me that he randomly started talking to her.. and now.. apparently they've been talking for about 3 months... of course she lives in tx, and we live here in fl.. he REALLY likes Chelsea..

She claims she wants him to stop talking to her.. but I know her better then that.. and he's showed me some "proof" text messages that argue otherwise

and lets just say I've been super jealous of her all my life.. because she's always been able to get the guys.. I think it was more because.. the were MY brothers friends and I was considered "off limits" but you can still see how it would pissed me off.

So ya the other night Chance and I were tipsy so I tried making a moving.. and long story short he basically said.. its never gonna happen.. when I asked why.. he said "hes realized he doesn't have much family left and he doesn't want to f*** with the family he has now.." so he wants nothing.. I mean nothing to do with me..

i really think I could love him.. and I never... have used that word for a man in my life... so I can't ask my bff what to do because "they're talking" what do I do? wait a year or so.. and see what happens? Be miserable and hope I get over my feelings? I'm at a loss...

So I slept with this guy and he used the "I don't remember because I was to drunk" card.. If anyone wants to add to it... and my best friend stopped talking to him because she wants to work out stuff with her boyfriend.. (after I slept with him but I had nothing to do with it because she has no idea I slept with him) and now he's super butt-hurt about her not talking to him anymore.. and Now I feel bad because he's sad..


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  • Too...long

    Almost...didn't read...the whole thing :]

    Just tell him how you feel

    If all goes well, he won't have to lose his family

    It might just a little bigger :)

    • all doesn't go well.. at least I warned about the length.. I love him.. he said no.. the end.. lol now I'm physically sick everyday but I don't show it.. I act like everythings fine.. and i

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    • bahaha... ummm good to know lol bahahhahaha

    • *sigh

      Girls are weird

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  • he finally got the chance to f*** you ?

    • yes.. and didnt.. I rolled off him and laughed and we just started laughing at the epic fail I tried lol it was cute and fun.. until it hit me what he said

  • I don't think you love this guy. Nothing in your story shows any kind of love towards him. He was around, you used him and cut him off as you saw fit, you never seemed to give a damn about what his feelings were.

    I suspect you only want him now because your friend does, the one who you admit you've been jealous of your whole life.

    I have a feeling that if he and her stopped talking, you'd have sex with him a couple of times, and then as soon as he wanted things to get serious, you'd pull away again.

    None of your actions show that you love this guy. And now he doesn't want you either, so it's best if you just leave him be.

    • i see where you could get confused.. but we never stopped talking while he was married.. after he found me on rmb, and he moved in.. we stayed in touch... so I never just "stopped" talking to him when he left.. we continued to talk... and I thought he and her did stop talking... until at 3 am this morning my chelsea text me.. "so chance is txting me right now are you with him" she told me they stopped like.. 2 wks ago...

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