Am I missing something here ?

I'm seeing this guy and in the beginning he used to text me quite a it seems like I'm the one doing all the texting...and when he does come back to me (hours later or even days later)...he always has an excuse (either : busy at work / his kids car broke down / or I've been out with my son etc).

When I do ask him...if he still want to see me...he says "yes of course"...

Or is he trying to tell me something...but I'm too "stupid" to pick up the signs ?


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  • You need to fight this urge that women have.. the urge to read things that are not there.

    You asked him a simple question. He gave you a simple answer. Trust that answer.

    It's the easiest thing in the world for guys to break up with a woman if we want to. Believe me. We can break up by phone, text, fax, face to face, while having sex with your sister... there's no end to it.

    The one thing we cannot do, it seems, it make a woman believe a simple answer to a simple question. Women are always looking for the double meaning. The treble meaning. The hidden meaning. The things he didn't say. And giving them as much if not more weight/importance/gravitas as the things he did say.

    Resist the urge to do this. It's the most self-destructive urge women have.

    You asked if he wanted to still see you. He said "yes, of course".

    It really really is that simple.

    • Thank you for your answer...not sure why as a women, I have this urge to read things that aren't there...and yes you are is the most "self-destructive" thing I can will now try with all my might to cease this behavior until proven

    • wow, you just helped ME with my problem too! and don't worry "Anon. Question Asker" I do it too. . . damn good answer by the way!

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  • Sounds very much like he is busy losing interest in you girl. You don't need to put aside a hour to text a simple message, so why does it take him days to answer? As MissAndee says, stop texting him for a while and see what happens.

    • @ "Carping"...thanks for this...i won't text him and see what

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  • Don't text and see what happens. Sounds like he's making excuses

    • @ "missandee"...thanks for this...i did that over the weekend...I didn't text him on Saturday / Sunday but then fell off the wagon and txt'd him Monday afternoon (yesterday) @ 13h20 and he only replied at 17h30 saying "sorry, just had a lot on, been trying to sort *** car out as it broke down on Saturday"

      I did text him back and say "forgiven x" and since then he has not txt'd much as I try to sit on my hands and not text him...i'm finding it very

  • Dont blame yourself for having intuition. There is some truth about what this guy is saying that women have the urge to read into that are not there but in your case he clearly is giving you excuses. What this guy failed to mention is that if he is into you even if his car did break down he would still reach out to you to say something (hey my car broke down but you came to mind and I wanted to say hi) he can still reach out to you even when other things happen in life. The same way you have a life but you want to talk to him so you reach out. No one with interest is going to ignore you or take days to respond to you and if he is that type of person you deserve better. You deserve someone that can give you the same respect that you are giving.

  • I think you are reading too much into it. I believe that he was busy doing other stuff and when he finished he got back to you because he care about you.

    • ...thank you for your answer...I know that he does care about me (well I hope he will answer when he can...but I feel that something has changed since the weekend...I do try not to read into things that aren't there...but just can't help myself...but reading what you said...really does help...thank you :D

    • You are welcome :)