First date advice and tips?

Met a guy online. He seems legit. we spoke and we live pretty close and he wants to meet me already. He sounded very nice and genuine told me he can't wait to meet me.

Does this sound good?

Also any first date advice? Thanks. to act etc. first blind so I'm nervous


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  • Relax. I wouldn't freak about him wanting to meet 'already', imho, you should meet in real life as soon as possible - you really have nothing until you do. All that's happened is you met, there's some interest, you'll go on a date and see.

  • the only advice I can give you, just be yourself, no one ask anymore than that. and don't do anything until you get know each other better. if he really likes he will wait. don't be someone your not, cause that will backfire on you. its also might turn him off you. just be nice and be genuine, and don't feel pressured into anything you don't feel comfortable with. if he really likes you, he will respect you.


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