24 year old man, never had a girlfriend?

Hi All,

as the title suggests I'm at 24 year old man who has to date never had a girlfriend.

a bit of context, I consider myself, and my friends would describe be as friendly, outgoing and fun. in terms of appearance, I consider myself to be attractive, (don't what to sound arrogant) a little on the larger side (90kg)

I lead a a successful life in other areas. I have a good education, a good job and have moved to Beijing, China 6 months ago from my home in the UK

I have had plenty of opportunities to meet women, University, at work etc. but nothing ever seems to happen, their have been girls I like and we have got on well together. I have been on a number of dates.

the closest thing I had to a relationship was back in university, 4 years ago. I met a girl at a mutual friends birthday, we got on well. went on our first date (KFC, her choice not mine), we met up again and went shopping, had a very nice time. another time we went to a club with friends. while at the club this young lady went up to my best friend and said

Her: Hi, I really like you and I think that we should go out sometime, just the two of us.

Friend: what about (my name).

Her: oh him, I've only been seeing him so I can speak to you.


Since that point I've only kissed one girl, a lady I met at new year 2 years ago.

so that is my current dating experience, and why I need to ask, what am I doing wrong, I have friends, I get on well with people. I have always seen myself as polite. why is it that I am not able to meet anyone?

or is the question that I am meeting people and not realizing it, I have female friends, we get on really well, is it that I am not noticing signs and if I think I am what should I do about it?

Sorry for the info dump and all the questions but it would be good to have an expert opinion on my situation.


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  • I think you should be more open and brave.

    When you see an attractive woman do not consider about "rejection" if she says No! move on.

    Do not think to much, just do it.

    You might get rejected by some of girls (for different like of reasons) but

    eventually you will meet a woman who wants to date you!

    good luck


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  • i'm 23 and in the same boat, seriously, I hate rejection with a huge passion

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