Do I take this seriously or is this just a joke?

Last night, a Girl I like, knows I like her, got me to ask out her imaginary friend and set up a date for this Saturday night. I have asked her out before with no answer and felt she was just too shy, is this her way around it or is this just a joke between 2 friends? should I show up Friday night ready to take out her imaginary friend?

Show Up *Saturday Night


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  • YIKES! she sounds like a psycho,kid. No joke! lol

    Like seriously what da hell? I mean if you guys know each other enough and if that's how you play around. I guess it's alright. I mean the question should really be is, "how do you feel about it?"

    BEcause I'm shy and I"m not going to go creep out the guy I like by saying, "talk to my imaginary friend?"

    But if you feel iffy about that, then you should talk to her about it. If she says that she's jokinging just tell her that you don't really care about that joke and she'll stop.

    if she's serious, then leave her be. seriously...that's just...i don't even

    hope that helps! and good luck!

    • I mean, we have played around alot. but never about going on a date, iits why I'm quite confused

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  • Sounds like a really rude way to turn someone down. Maybe it was a joke, but it was a stupid one if it was. Just forget about it. She's not worth it.

    • shes the one that asked me out for the imaginary friend

    • hm... well, I wouldn't take it too seriously if I were you. If she expects you to know what the hell that means, then she's a bit deluded.

  • show up see what happens...if she really is depends on how much you really like her to go along with it.


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  • "Imaginary"? What makes you feel that this friend is fictitious (fake)?

    In any case, why not just go to the "Saturday night date" with the intentions of having fun - not necessarily to meet a girl / otherwise.. This means that it's a win / win situation. You go to have fun, which you can do by yourself. And then if this girl doesn't show up, it's her loss.

    And as a side note, if this girl "knows you like her" - then it's a good possibility that if she's lining you up with a so called "imaginary date" - that she's probably trying to convey a message that she's not interested. You should be respectful of that, most women would rather try to tell you subtly that they'd rather be friends than to tell you directly. They are trying to respect your feelings, just the same as they wish their feelings should be respected.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • just send your imaginary friend , those 2 imaginary friends could have imaginary sex and an imaginary relationship , maybe even imaginary children...

    just ask her if she's kidding