Is she alienating herself from me?

this girl and I have been texting and hanging out for about a month it seems like now. we text everyday and call and hang out and whatever. this passed weekend we met up the next weekend and went to a party, I saw a guy harassing her and she texted my friend "Save me" instead of texting me...just a little confused. Anyway I interrupted the guy and asked her to come outside with me. when we got outside I told her I really liked her and she replied that she wanted to take things slow, I agreed and then she leaned in and kissed me. The next day we text, all day every things fine and then when she met me at the library, with me and all my other friends, she seemed to talk more to everyone else and not me at all. I don't know if she doesn't want to make things awkward or what, but know she isn't doing this on purpose. I met up with her today and I asked her if she remembers that night when we kissed and she said yes, why? I asked her if that kiss is what she wanted and she said if she didn't want to kiss me she wouldn't have. I don't know what this makes us after kissing that night and I haven't heard from her the rest of today...i know I'm way over-thinking this but I wanna know what's going on..any advice?


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  • You're come on too strong and needy. You sound like a when a big dog jumps on you and starts slobbering your face. What's the first reaction? Close your eyes and push it off. You're that dog. Woof.