Dumb fun question. When a guy texts for no real reason is he just bored?

Just a dumb question that popped into mind because a friend always seems to text me when he really has nothing to say. So I am interested to know. I am not a big texter unless I have something to say. So why do you text people?

When a guy texts you for no real reason do you think it's because he is bored and just wants to talk to anyone or that he's thinking of you?


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  • he is thinking of u. You should throw the guy a bone and try to keep the convo going

    • I do keep it going. I actually love talking to him because he is easy to talk to about anything. I never feel like I'm being judged or feel stupid when I say stupid things like we all do from time to time. :)

  • I think people have become so addicted to their smart phones that it's uncomfortable to be standing in a line waiting to pay without doing something busy like texting someone.

    • Very true. This guy usually texts from home or work which is why I am guessing he is bored.

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