Could he have meant to send this message to someone else?

My boyfriend sent me a message saying can't wait to see you,I then replied and he then said "Still alright for me to come over tonight honey?". I was confused because I'm not seeing him tonight I'm seeing him tomorrow night and I said what? I'm seeing you tomorrow,he said he thought it was Thursday.. Said to him I almost thought he meant to have sent it to someone else and he said "Haha get real pfft babe."

wtf?I don't know if I'm looking too much into it or not,I trust him but I'm a bit confused of what to think..I mean how would I know if it was meant for someone else?


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  • I think it's more likely that he just got mixed up about the day he was going to see you on. You said you sent him a reply so he must've known who he was talking to when he said "Still alright for me to come over tonight honey?"

  • he could have easily been saying that he was excited to see you, for when you had plans...

    • I know but he said he thought it was Thursday, I don't know and for him to just say get real..I don't know maybe he did think today was Thursday

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    • i was just gonna ask if this was the first time something like that has happened ?

    • It is the first time but sometimes when I've been with him he's thought wrong and told me he thought the day was say Saturday and it's actually Friday..

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