How do you (girls) respond when he's majorly upset and won't tell you why?

My boyfriend got upset today over friend issues... we were texting and suddenly he put a sad face and I asked him why and he told me that "everyone's a f***ing a**hole" and I deduced through a few more texts that basically his friends betrayed him in some significant way.

I asked if he wanted to call me or see me but he refused. I think he handles this kind of stuff better alone. So what should I do? Text him a lot of sweet stuff anyways? Text him happy stuff anyways, and pretend as if the situation never existed? I want him to help him... but at the same time I don't want to bother him.


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  • my boyfriend had the same problem and I asked if he was okay and when he responded that he was f***ing pissed off I asked him if he wanted to talk...he said he didn't and just wanted to forget about what had happened so I said okay and said I hope he feels better took about a week for him to come around and be himself again..guys aren't like girls they deal with crap on their own and don't necessarily need us around helping them cope with the issues...let him take off some steam on his xbox and he'll prob call you in awhile :)


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  • "Everything will be ok"

    "Don't take things so seriously."

    I don't know if his friends really betrayed him or not. Maybe they went out and didn't call him up. If that's the case, he could just let it go and not worry about it. There's always another opportunity.

    My friends sometimes call me for outings, but other times they don't. I don't fret about it because they probably didn't need my company and didn't think of me. I've done the same.

    • No it's something legit awful. He doesn't get upset over little things like that.

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    • he says he doesn't want to talk about it... and I'm not going to pressure him.

    • Ok, leave it alone then. Give him some space to get over it. Maybe he'll mention it naturally and then you'll figure it out.

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