How do I make this hookup more than what it is?

Ok, so there's this guy that I know. We're not exactly friends.. We have mutual friends so we see each other occasionally (once every Couple weeks). So we've hooked up three times now. There has been like a month between eacch hookup. For the first two hookups, we were both drunk. A couple days before the second hookup, he was drunk and privately asked my friend if she thought I'd be up for hooking up again.. for the thrid ( which happened this past weekend)I was drunk and he wasn't. For some reason... I keep thinking about him. I don't know why, it's weird.. How do I go about making this more than whatever it is? I'm not saying I want a relationship... I'm not sure what I want. Whether it's to make our hooking up like a regular thing, or to become friends, or just to hangout. How do I go about it? We don't text (except when I leave something at his place after we hookup). We've gone to dinner a few times but never alone, always with other friends. I want to get him a Christmas gift, but I feel like it'd be random.

All I know is that it bothers me that he's stuck in my head when I barely know him.


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  • I think you're just a 'Friends With Benefits' type of deal.

    It seems to me that you want more. A relationship. So if that's what you want, then the best piece of advice is to start getting to know each other. No alcohol (or very little of it), and put sex on hold. You gotta build the emotional connection up.


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  • the feeling would have to be mutual for you two the be together.

    you could start by asking him to hang out with you though

  • Why can't you leave well enough alone?


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