If he is able to text and flirt with you but won't meet. Does that mean he still has feeling for you?

He once told me he can't be my friend or therapies after we kissed ( we are not supposed to). Its been a few months. We texted a few times. I asked let go play basketball.he is not responding :-( . Y can he be more mature.

  • He still has feeling for me
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  • He is busy
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What Guys Said 1

  • You are a no-no

    He can't resist you in person

    The consequences are too great for him to take the risk

    Penpal is the most you can have ... for now ... let this grow

    • Thank you for your answer. I think you are right. I ran into him last weekend. He seem very nervous with a huge grain on his face. But seem very uncomfortable. He rushed off. Didn't even get to catch up after 4 months of not seeing ea. other. I got so confused.

What Girls Said 1

  • No he doesn't. Actions speak louder than words

    • U believe that guys and girls can't be friends.

    • If he has no feelings for me then we can hangnout as friends. What am I missing. Too naive?

    • he doesn't want to be your friend. he said so himself