Ladies do you think it's wussy for a guy to send his girlfriend good morning texts?

Is it wussy for a guy to send his girlfriend good morning texts, text everyday and ask how her day has gone? I'm not pushing for sex because she hasn't dated many guys and I'm a virgin that only wants to sleep with one girl ideally (27 years old, long story) . If she seems emotionally distant or unhappy I try to figure out why and talk about it. We have been dating a month and a half but usually meet 2-3 times a week only.

A female friend read on my phone that I told the girl to 'sleep tight' and said I sounded unmanly and desperate. Do you think she's right?

I'm 195 cm tall and work out at least twice a week. Not used to any woman calling me unmanly.


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  • Your concerns are well founded.

    It's really easy to smother a girl with attention when you're really into her.

    So don't.

    Always ask yourself this... "Am I sending her this text because I'm desperate for her to like me back?"

    It's really easy to be motivated by our insecurities, which often has the reverse effect of pushing away our partners...

    1) If you're feeling unsure how she feels about you then be honest with yourself about it. It's OKAY to not know if she likes you as much as you like her. Accept that you don't know. Accept that you're an awesome dude, likely an awesome loving boyfriend, and that you DON'T need her to like you back.

    Realize that if she's WITH you then she's WITH you. Don't become needy and desperate because you NEED her to show you how much she likes you. Stop IT!

    2) Give her the gift of missing you.

    By texting and staying in constant contact you are killer her reasons to think about you. Instead you can easily start to smother her, especially if she's acting slightly distant. That's her trying to tell you to give her space!

    Text her half as much as you currently do, and try to only text in response to something she's done. Be a responder instead of an initiator.

    This will help turn the tides from you chasing her to her chasing you. And trust me, she'd rather be chasing you than the other way around!

    3) You don't have to have sex in order to build intimacy and connection. I'm glad you're giving her the sexual boundaries she might need... but that doesn't mean you should stop slowly escalating the sexual vibe of the relationship.

    It's okay to flirt and touch and connect without sex... besides, there's all types of sexual energy you CAN exchange without using your genitals. ;)

    4) Keep your dates to 2 times a week if possible until her need to see you more becomes more obvious. Again, this is about giving her space. When she leans away from you emotionally, you NEED to do the same thing!

    Giving her space creates a vacuum between you two which will automatically draw her back to you.

    5) If all else fails and she moves on then at least you can be proud of yourself for being an honest and sincere dude, which the next girl will surely appreciate.

    6) Attraction is about tension. This can come from flirting and teasing and mystery. So when you text her less, see her less, but continue to flirty and escalate, you're giving her mixed signals... this is where the magic of tension comes from. It'll invite her to wonder how you feel about her... which will put you into her thoughts again... and will invite her attraction towards you to balloon up!

    And that's a good thing!

    Hope this helps,

    ~ Robby

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    • "Be a responder instead of an initiator."

      Lol, seriously? I personally wouldn't waste my time on a guy who didn't put as much effort as I was into conversations. If he's coming across as disinterested (and never initiating would make him come across that way), then I'm only going to back off and move on. Trying to make us "chase" you only makes us dislike you.

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    • Like I said in my answer to this question, having a guy who shows me "interest and attention" is certainly better than a guy who acts if he doesn't give a sh*t about the girl he's dating... and that's the kind of guy you're describing. Unless a girl explicitly says that she need space, it makes no sense to back off and go MIA. We want to talk to you because we like you - trying to make us chase you will only confuse us, and any sensible girl won't waste her time on that nonsense.

    • I actually like advice.. BC it can feel like smothering and it has feigned my interest before if he does it too often.. however there have been times where I don't get a response at all and I notice my reaction goes, what happened? Why no message? But then I calm down and think ohhh OK its been day. I need to cool my jets chica.

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  • Nope not at all. I love it when my boyfriend sends me goodnight texts and I enjoy texting him in general. It's not wussy to care about and want to talk to your girlfriend. It's what you're supposed to do in a relationship. I think too many guys let their fear of "not looking manly" get in the way of what's really best for the relationship. Simply showing your girlfriend affection and communicating with her isn't desperate, wanting to see her and text 24/7 is. It's all about moderation.

  • Don't worry about other girls, or what that friend of yours thinks. If the girl you're dating doesn't seem to mind it, then I don't see an issue.

    Personally, those kind of texts seem rather sweet, and not "wussy."

    It's certainly better than dating a guy who doesn't give a sh*t about you or how your day has gone.

  • are you kidding me? it's wussy?! seriously? WTH is going on through ppl's minds! I find it VERY VERY romantic when a man does that to me! and it's actually great that you are not pushing for sex!

    take my advice ! it's very romantic. this shows how much you care!

  • No. that girl is a friggin idiot that said that. All people are different but some girls like when a guy shows a more sensitive side. other guys that don't show that are just hiding it cause they've been brainwashed into thinking they are not supposed to have feelings. Tell her good morning and goodnight. My boyfriend used to tell me "dream of me" it was ridiculously sweet.

  • Not wussy. My boyfriend does it? And, I love it.

  • Absolutely not! I LOVE goodmorning text from a boyfriend, it shows that I was one of the first things he was thinking about that morning. I don't think it is "unmanly" at all!

  • Not wussy at all! It's very sweet! Shows you care :) I personally love it when a boyfriend sends me good morning texts. Makes me smile :)

  • No I don't think it's wussy at all -.- It's adorable.

  • I looooooove good morning texts from my man :D

  • Not at all!

  • i don't think that's wussy. But to be quite honest, I'm one of those girls who hates those kind of texts

    • Do you hate them even if they are sincere and you know the guy really likes you a lot?

    • yes but I'm just weird like that. I know most girls absolutely love it though!

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