What would have happened if I kissed him?

There's a guy I liked, and we were texting and I had hung out with him and his friends a few times, and it seemed like he liked me. He texted me once for 3 hours, and I met him because I'm friends with his roommate, and he got my number from my friend and texted me first, and when we hung out I caught him staring at me a few times. And so one time I slept over. And he gave me his jersey and shorts to wear to bed. And then when we went to sleep they decided it would be fun to 'be eskimos' and turn on the AC all night... and so that night the guy I liked kept stealing my covers... and eventually when he went to the bathroom I hopped into his bed... and then eventually he joined me. And we kept flirting all night and he put his arm around me and kinda held my hand. And he stole my pillow so I had to share his... and we were like face to face at many points. But that was it... because after that he never answered my texts. So I don't know what I did wrong... but then I told one of my guy friends and he said I should have kissed him... but do you think if I had kissed him he'd still have talked to me? Did not kissing him really make him think I wasn't interested?


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  • hmm...it's hard to tell what could have happened. from the sounds of it, everything should be ok, but there's obviously some reason there isn't. is he a flaky person? do you know if there's another girl he's interested in? I don't mean to sound rude by saying this (it is something that can happen to anyone), but is he out of your league?

    he was obviously attracted and had some sort of interest in you but at the same time it seems he wasn't all that interested either if he started ignoring you after. he could have just wanted to "get some" that night whether or not you kissed him and the opportunity just passed by. as a guy I can tell you that I've done this to girls (let them chase me and only sometimes hang out to [hopefully] hook up) and after when they text me I kind of just ignore them for the time being.

    that's probably worst case scenario. he might just be very shy or awkward. I recommend that you see how he treats other girls and compare it to your own situation. either way, don't chase after him.

    also no, not kissing him didn't make him think that you weren't interested because you've texted him afterward. he knows you're interested, the question is whether he is or not.

    • Haha...he's not out of my league... and if he was why would he even do any of that?

      But thanks :)

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  • Ok let me get this straight you jumped in his bed and he didn't even attempt to make a move, sorry but if he just wanted to sleep with you, he would have already tried that night, but he didn't, he didn't even kiss you. That doesn't sound like an asshole to me, that sounds like a nice guy. You say he didn't respond to your texts so what maybe he didn't get them, maybe he doesn't have text messaging, so if you like the guy and I bet he likes you then why don't you call him. If a girl calls a guy that lets us know she likes me. He was probably afraid to kiss you why I don't know but if you would have kissed him then maybe it would be different so its up to you if you wanna give him another shot, if you like him call him don't text guys hate texting, women love it.

    • Hm that's kinda opposite of what everyone said... but I know he had to have gotten his texts... because I've texted him before and he always answers... and I textd him twice... and I have his clothes, but he never contacted me to get them, but his roommate did once he was gone for the break, so doesn't that kinda seem like he doesn't want to see me or talk to me, making his roommate get his crap for him? And its been a month and half and nothing, and he transfered to another school, what shuld I do?

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    • So what is your question?

    • Ok well it's been like a month since I texted him... so I think calling him now would be way too late and kinda weird. But my question was just like do you really actually think he was being a nice guy?everyone said he just wanted to hook up with me, and I didn't do anything so he moved on to someone easier. But just from everything I told you, do you really think he's interested? He def got my texts and he mad his roommate try to get his clothes back. I just am trying to see y you think he likes me

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  • I think he was looking to get some bedroom action, and when you didn't pony up - he lost interest. His only interest in you is physical so he spend a minimal amount of time charming you. Since you didn't take the initiative and jump him for being so cute and cuddly, he's out looking for someone that will. He knows you're interested, he just doesn't care about what you want. Asshole.

    Good for you for not falling for that crap! If you would have kissed him he would have expected more, but you held off and discovered his true motive. Yay for you!

    Good luck.

  • Yeah, he probably was expecting to have some kind of physical contact with you, pretty much! but if he didn't call you after that, so what's to expect, you know? he didn't get what he wanted, and so he's like done with it. Sucks but it's the way it is sometimes

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