How long should I wait before texting this guy?

So I've liked this guy for a while and Monday he started a conversation with me on Facebook and we talked for about an hour. He responded right away to everything I said. When he had to go he said "Hey, I have to get off the computer but here's my number, text me if you want" I didn't text him that night, and I still haven't because I don't want to look desperate. We have some classes together and I see him everyday.


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  • Yeah text him when you feel like it. A girl started a conversation with me on Facebook a couple days ago. We met through some mutual friends early that month but really had no other contact besides that.

    I said the exact same thing this guy said and went to bed.

    The very next morning at like 10AM I got a text from her. Now if that's not soon, I don't know what it is.

    Long story short, I was very happy to receive that text :)

  • its stupid to follow txting rules or whatever you wanna call them. Txt him when you feel like it. Ul learn real quick that those rules are pointless


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