Guy says he's about to break up with his girl - what next?

I met this guy recently through a friend and I feel we've really hit it off. We've hung out a lot, mainly in a group of friends but even then it's still playful and a little flirty. Last weekend we were out in a club and I felt like there was definitely some kind of tension there, I felt he was going to make a move and even a person we had both met commented on how great a couple we were but nothing happened!

So in my drunken stupor I sent him a text message on my way home in the taxi, I basically told him I liked hanging out with him and asked if he was seeing someone. He text me back late the next afternoon saying he was seeing someone but it's not working out and he thinks they're about to break up and that he liked hanging out with me too. Since then it hasn't been awkward at all, in fact we went for dinner and a movie with some friends the same day and have chatted regularly since.

I know the girl he is seeing is in a completely different country and they've been dating for nearly 6 months now, 3 months of which they haven't seen each other. I guess what I'm asking is do you think he's just feeding me a line by saying he's about to break up with this girl? I do like him and I would like to be with him but I also don't want to be played around. He doesn't really seem like the type who would do that and he seems decent in that he hasn't cheated on her and told me straight up about her. I think I'm just confused with the whole thing - any advice?


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  • (Don't take anything I say offensively please) From what I've read in your description it would seem to me that he might be looking to you for the absence of love that his girlfriend isn't exactly able to provide for him being as it is she's in another country. In some cases, yes he might be feeding you a load of crap, but in other cases he may be sincere about his feelings. I can't say much without knowing anything about this guy, but as you said, "He doesn't really seem like the type who would do that...". My advice to you is to keep a high sense of caution from any relationship moves he makes, the main reason I would say this is because of the girl in the other country. She's known him for quite some time, been together with him for quite some time. I'm assuming there may be a lot of fragile emotions between the two at this time. My advice (despite my age) is to keep this relationship professional, if it doesn't work out with the other girl, don't jump straight into a relationship with him. Wait it out, and let time take its own course. If he isn't willing to wait for you to be ready to take on a relationship then he isn't worth your time. Best of luck to you. Stay strong and make thoughtful choices.



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