Trying to set my friend up with a guy...

I've known this girl forever. She came to me to help her with some guy stuff because, while I can be very girly, I grew up around a lot of guys and can do things like explain the difference between a home run and a touchdown. I have a lot of guy friends and am very good at relating to guys because I know that it is not OK to start talking about A.) Justin Bieber or B.) How I totally planned out my outfit days in advance for this. Now, my friend is not unattractive, but she piles on foundation to hide her acne scars. (Oh puberty) She has good curves but other then that she is wonderfully average. Her hobbies include shopping and talking about shopping. This guy is pretty desperate, but I made the mistake of inviting him to a get together at my place that involved a hot tub and me being the only single girl there, apparently he is into me now. she's a sweet girl, but a bit of a ditz. She dosnt put out, but she means well. Any way I can make this happen?


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  • Other than introducing them, let go and let nature make the determination.


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