He hasn't confirmed our date plans... Should I be worried?

So, this guy (call him A) I've been on a couple of dates with asked me to have one last dinner with him before we go home for Christmas. He told me his schedule, and of his free evenings, tomorrow evening was the only free time for me, so I told him so. This was early yesterday. I haven't heard back from him since then, and since it's late, I don't want to call him or anything right now.

I do realize that the dinner is supposed to happen late tomorrow, so he could still call, but another guy (call him B) just invited me to an outing at 4pm tomorrow, and I should reply to his invitation by tomorrow morning at the latest.

What would you do? Should I contact A? If so, should I mention B (B has been flirting with me on fb)? While I'm not interested in B right now, this outing sounds fun and I'd like to go if this dinner thing doesn't work out.

oh yeah, normally I'd just tell the guy (A) that sorry, you should have confirmed earlier, I made other plans blah blah blah, because really he should have confirmed it today, but I do want to see him before the Christmas break, so that's why I'm torn :(


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  • Shouldn't be worried a bit . I never confirm a date. But I again I flake almost on 50% of dates I make.

    • lol pretty sure you made me even more worried :P my guy has never flaked though, and never even late

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