I regret a text I sent to guy I was dating?

so I was dating this guy we both have baggage from past marriages, etc...hung out for 2 months...things going well we ended up having sex but then he didn't get back to me for a week...i figured this was bad sign and in weak moment I got defensive and sent him a kinda long text saying we had gone out long enough that he shouldn't just blow me off like that. he never responded and I kinda sent an apologetic one the next day but no response. I'm sure he's done with me...nothing I can do since I now became that "crazy" girl to him right? ugh and I'm so not, but I just freaked out a little Because I got scared of my feelings for him and I mean it is kinda rude to just blow someone off for a week if you supposedly like her...but still I regret sending it. I'm assuming guys that once that happens, if it wasn't over before then, that's the tipping point, right? so I shouldn't bother thinking he may call again? oh well...lesson learned and I take my part of the blame for sure. :(


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  • Let it go, both the text and him. We all have our psycho moments. This guy treated you disrespectfully and you took offense. Nothing strange about that. The thing is that electronic communications are even more like bells that what we say: once it's out, it's out. A rung bell cannot be unrung. There's not talking it back no matter what. I'm guessing that you're an attractive gal who's just got a mild case of insecurity for now. This too will pass. For now, just protect yourself and talk about things before you have sex with a guy. That's still no guarantee that he won't be a schmuck but if so, it's his problem and you should see it as such. There are a million fish in the sea so just take care of yourself, don't get bitter, and have fun.

    • thank you so much! yes, I've been told I've pretty cute and quirky and guys seem to like me, so why let one guy ruin that...next time out I totally agree even if I feel strong connection if he's not telling me up front that he is looking for more, I'm not sleeping with the guy! I'm still hurting a bit but I will get over it and stay positive as possible! :)

    • You go, girl!

    • thank u! :)

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  • The tipping point was when there was no contact between you in the first week. Next time you get this deep in a relationship with a divorced man send him an ego stroking text the day after. Just to test the waters, The dating rules for teenagers should be disregarded in these situations. There is no need to wait for the guy to take initiative. You're both adults and should act responsibly, taking fate into your own hands. If he doesn't respond to the day after text within a couple of days move on. Don't waste time on d***s like that anymore.

    • thanks so much for your great advice...i agree next time around no games with who texts/calls first etc...and that way I find out sooner rather than later who I'm dealing with!

  • unless he got hit by a car, a guy around our age should be acting a bit more considerate and maturely to the others feelings, f*** him, you did well, and if he does try to get in contact with you blow the immature jerk off.

    • thanks so much! yes, at this point if he calls I know I shouldn't answer...the text may have shown I liked him a bit too much than he wanted, but he could've been a gentleman and just texted or called me to say it was over...he acts like he's in high school. so thank you for reminding me of that I really appreciate it! it def helps me move on! :)

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    • lol touche, but true...i hear ya. so it's def done then I guess...i should be offended but that was hysterical (I love that movie)

    • Yeah, I meant no harm. Just teasing you for getting a bit anxious. You're gonna land on your feet, kid. Guaranteed.

    • thank u! :) if anything I learned a lesson..just kinda new to dating after divorce so...but life goes on! :)

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