Should I lead my boyfriend?

so today I had my first kiss with my new boyfriend and it was his first kiss ever with a girl he was really nervous and it happened so quick the embarrassing part was I wanted to kiss more and went back but he moved away lol I'm quite shy but he is more shy then me. I told him I wanted to kiss him more and for longer not for one second he sai he wants to but he doesn't know what to do I told him I can lead is that a good idea until he gets the hang of it?


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  • Maybe yeah, lead until he becomes more comfortable with kissing, as it will mainly need to be his decision if he wants to lead.

    Maybe make it more like you're teaching and learning together if he says he doesn't know what to do, then maybe you can practice together, and he can learn what he can do?

    • thankyou do you also think its a good idea if I surprise him?

    • Surprise him with what? The kissing? Maybe, just be aware that while he might like it, he might also feel self-conscious about it until he is more comfortable with it, and more confident with it, and what he's doing.

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