GUYS would you offer to do this for a girl who is just a friend?

A guy friend of mine knows that I had my first kiss recently and it sucked, the guy was too pushy and after the kiss I realized I didn't really feel anything for him. Yeah, total bust. So he says he feels bad that the other guy was a bad first kiss and tells me that I should enjoy kissing and all that and that it can be really great. Then he says that if I want, he would teach me how to kiss. So I can see how it is when it is good. I told him I would think about it because the night he told me that I was really sleepy and not in the best frame of mind. Does this mean that he likes me or is he just a really caring friend?


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  • he is a caring friend that "likes" You :D


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  • Or C - he wants the enjoyment of kissing you

    • he knows I am a romantic and seems to be a romantic too. I think it's unlikely but something to consider just in case

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