Should I pursue this guy?

This guy I liked asked me out and I said yes but it's gone down hill from there. He didn't show up to our first meeting, apologized for sleeping in when I called him the next day. Then only had coffee with me for 15 minutes because his worked called him in earlier. I asked him out again and he said he'd call but didn't. My class is across the hall from his so he could have come in to see me any time. Two weeks later I passed him in the hall and he apologized again and said he'd been busy. He asked me to call him when I'm free next.

To me it doesn't seem like he really wants to go out with me. I feel he is making little effort to pursue me. Should I call him for one more chance to show me he's into me or tell him to call me and use that as my test? If we do hang out should I ask him if he's into me because this is really annoying.


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  • With him blowing you off so often I wouldn't pursue him right now. Let him realize that he can't act that way and have him prove that he actually wants do date you. Then you can pursue him, but don't smother him if he's always running away.


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