Ladies, How do you go about finding/accepting/talking to guys on dating sites?

To those that use dating sites

Check the picture and if you like them, read the profile and something to that extent?

Are there any musts a guy needs standard on his profile?

And anything he shouldn't have at all?

What makes you say yes, or reply?

I have terrible luck and don't go telling me not to use them. I've heard it all but I'm still gonna keep pushing till I'm sure it works for me and hopefully end up writing about it.


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  • Well the site I use lets you select what you're looking for in terms of relationships. For example:

    "Looking for a relationship", "Isn't seeking a relationship or commitment"

    That allows me to filter out who I respond to. If the guy is not looking for anything serious, I won't waste my time try to build a rapport with him. Where he lives is also important. I like to stay within my metro area. Out-of-state guys (even Jersey) are out of the question.

    If he's looking for something serious and he lives in an area I'm willing to commute to, I'll look at his photos. There's really no advice for this other than making sure your face is visible and that it's recent. Attraction is subjective, so I can't give any advice on that. It's preferable that your photo only has your face in it. I don't want to look at a photo of a group of guys trying to figure out which one you are. And if I find your friends cuter than you are, I'd be disappointed. Shirtless pics are great, but I'd be inclined to think that you have many other women messaging you about your "hot bod", so it's actually a bit of a turn-off for me. And don't have photos of you with other women.

    If you're really serious about finding someone, you should list the traits of the woman you're looking for. Write a bit about your interests and where you're currently at in life. Include a few things about your personality.


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  • I have never had a boyfriend that I've not met online, I think it easier to get to kwn them and you can be sure you fele for them before you take it to another level

    • Not what I was asking, now as much as I appreciate the time you took to write this, such answers aren't needed sorry:(.

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  • They look for a picture they like, and then check to see if he's relationship material.