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So I'm texting this guy that I like (we've been texting for about a week). He just told me that he had been busy helping a friend or something and asked what I've been up to today. Now, I don't want this conversation to be a boring conversation like: "watched Tv" "ok cool" "yeah" if you know what I mean. So my question is: what to I reply? (please don't come with examples that makes it obvious that I'm flirting with him)

thanks on before hand! :)


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  • Omg this is the easiest ever. It's stupid stuff. Be completely random and fun. However, don't come off as a complete goof. But you are a girl so you should be able to get away with it.

    Here is an example if he asked what you did today or what you are going to do for the rest of the day.

    WELL, I worked on my laser today (pinky to mouth)(austin powers reference lol) and almost have it ready for world domination. Then I proceeded to train attack rats to unleash on the human population after I set off the laser. After I finished that I had to get a bandages for my wounds cause I trained them a little too well. At least I know they are ready right? Then I started my counterfeiting money machine so I could buy a (x) cd because I really like them. I wrestled a shark underwater for fun. Strapped a laser to his head Now I run the underwater world. They call me me queen H20. I then went to the animal store and tried to by a wiener dog but the owner wouldn't sell it to me when I asked if he had ketchup and some buns..weird dude! Anyways I got home got on the computer and made a santa email virus that when you open your email a snowball literally shoots out of the screen and smacks you in the face! It's new age technology, some crazy sh*t lemme tell ya. And now since I couldn't have my wiener dog I am eating a pbj which I had my trained monkey make for me. Later I plan to go through the back of my closet into narnia and see if the evil witch is just about ready for world domination. Gotta keep tabs on my cronies you know? But at 10pm I have to be in bed watching cops because it's my favorite show and I love watching criminals get caught! Anyways suger plum honey bunch what are you up to?


  • Alphabetizing the cereal boxes


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