How fast can you tell if you want another date or not?

How long does it take you to tell?

I think if it is a no you can tell pretty quickly. For example I know this sounds harsh but the minute I heard a guy's voice I felt anti-attracted to him, but I still met him and tried to be VERY open minded. I stayed with him for two hours on the date, but I just got this very uncomfortable feeling and I did not feel any attraction. I felt awkward.

But on the other hand chemistry can develop more slowly. If he doesn't gross me out, the idea of introducing him to my friends doesn't make me cringe, we have a good conversation, I think our basics are compatible, I would want to see him again. That sounds so simple...but most of the time a date does not even fit that criteria haha.

What about you? What would make you qualify or disqualify a date? How quickly do you know?


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  • what I really am confused about is the inbetween the personally I won't even go out with you if I don't care for you some way but datings hard for me I'm more of a causal person like not dressing up and diner and stuff..


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