Might not see her again.. what do I do?

First off I'm 18 she's 18 too

Me and her are co-workers and hang out all the time on breaks, text alot, Facebook I'm alot, and she even comes to me when she has problems with her boyfriend...

that being said I'm really close with her and like her alot. However I recently found out she might be switching jobs, so I might not ever see her again.

What should I do? I KNOW her relationship won't last long so I'm not worried about the guy in her life. Also she's grounded for god knows how long because of some stupid stunt she pulled a while ago.

Should I maybe try and ask her to sneak out and hang out or something?(after her and her boyfriend are through). any other suggestions? or just keep in touch? I don't know anymore

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Do you guys hang out outside of work?

    • not really. she's grounded... and has a bf(that isint working out luckily :))

    • well hopefully when she's not grounded lol. But if you bring your guys friendship outside of your workplace there is more of a chance it will continue despite the fact she doesn't work there anymore. And you guys can hangout even if she has a boyfriend, yur friends right. Plan to go something so there's an excuse to see each other, DONT ask her to sneak out, unless its her idea. and yes keep in touch, keep her mind on you, :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • just keep in touch and leave it at that haha

  • Keep in touch and if she stays the same way with you like she is right now than she definitely sees some spark in you and if she doesn't you will know! and your just 18... girls come and go. if not her you will find another one.


What Guys Said 1

  • stay in touch man. don't ask her to sneak out that would only make her parents ground her for longer. maybe ask her for her house number and you can maybe talk to her over the phone but I don't know I've never been grounded