What should I do about this shy/sensitive girl I like?

I'll try to make this as short as possible. There's this girl from my high school. I've never talked to her in person, I've seen her a couple of times at school, but I do have her as a friend on Facebook. Anyways, I'm second year at university, she also (different one, though). Through Facebook I saw that she's kinda like a girl I find attractive: listens to rock music, is shy, maybe a bit sensitive (kinda like me) etc. Well, I finally found the courage to talk to her through chat, mostly about music and our high school and our universities. We've kinda flirted a little bit, but I still can't tell if she's interested or not. Most of the time I'd start the conversations (she did only once, gave me a song to listen to). I asked her for her mobile number but she asked me why and didn't wanted to until I say why. So I said that I think she's cool, funny and that we have a lot in common and would like to meet her in person. She said she's too busy with studying at the moment, but she did say that she's free during the winter holidays (in about 2 weeks), but what puzzled me is that she said and I quote:''but I don't think if it's wise, because I'm kinda weird'' (she told me before that she's weird because she mostly listens to songs that are about being angry at someone or being sad, well, like I said she's kinda sensitive; she doesn't have a boyfriend or an ex to be mad at so...I don't know why and I don't care because I like her). We do talk a lot, and I talked to my friends, and some of them say that I should give her some space, not talk to her for a while (I also have to study for my exams so that won't be a problem). I also thought that I am becoming too clingy and I don't want to creep her out or make things awkward. So I'm asking you guys/girls because my friends have only one goal at women (and we all know what that is) and don't see things as I do. What should I do? I'm not experienced in dating. Should I give her some space and see if she likes me (i.e. wants to talk to me). Sorry if I wrote too much, and if it seems I analyze too many things (I do that a lot). I think she knows I like her but I can't tell really through Facebook. We're both 20, if that's important. And as far as I know she's one of those that dream of romance and fall in love often (exactly what I'm looking for). Thanks in advance


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  • Ask her out! You don't want to take things to fast but at the same time you don't want to lose her. take her ona simple date like a walk in the park or soemthing and see where it gose from there

    I wish you luck xD


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