Am I on the rebound?

I am recently out of a week long relationship. I really liked the guy, so I was pretty upset about our split. A month later, and we're friends and I'm over the fact we are no long together. However, I'm unsure as to whether I still fancy him or not.

I was cruising along the path of recovery, when, we'll call him 'guy B', who has been an amazing friend to me while I've been miserable, started being flirty. I tried to convince myself I was misreading his actions.

He told me he liked me and asked me out last night.

I'm considering saying yes. He's been an amazing friend, and my friends say it sounds like I like him. (I waited for him for an hour for no reason whatsoever, because I'd already spent the entire day with him.)

But I still don't know if I'm over the guy I was with, who is also Guy B's friend...



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  • Well things didn't work out with the other guy for a reason I suppose? So keep that in mind. You tried it with this other guy and it didn't last so what hope and potential are there for this. Maybe guy B will do you good. I would give him a chance if I were you. Sometimes you need to try something else to get over something. Unless you have zero desire for guy B which you don't seem to have cause then it will be wrong. Go for it if it feels right and you want it. Just keep reminding yourself that things didn't end good with the other guy and it's time for a change and for someone who will treat you better.


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  • if you like him go for it