Girls how often do you go out of your way to text a guy out of the blue?

Or do you always let him initiate all the texts/conversations?

Me and this girl have been exchanging texts for a couple days and for the most part it's been going pretty well. I'm fairly confident that she liked me at first at least, because she would answer my questions fairly detailed, and she would add a lot of lols, hahas, and smileys, and she'd ask question back at me.

She hasn't responded to my last text from yesterday evening though (and on that day, when I sent a text, I didn't reply back to her until 6 days later). She never initiated tho.
I'm afraid I could be boring her.. I don't feel like texting back and initiating the conversation again. Ughh.

Should I call her or wait for her to text me back (what if she never does)?


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  • I text him when I feel like it which is ALOT. When I like a guy, I go out of my way to express my feelings to him. I don't calculate or over-think about things like "I don't want to seem clingy", "Will he get bored of me?", etc...I think spontaneous love is what is best. If the guy didn't love/like me like I do, it is his loss or it was never meant to be.

    • I mean.. Lets just say you two are conversing over text, and one of you doesn't reply.

      How often would you reply back (for ex: a day or two later) out of the blue, and initiate a conversation?

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    • Yep, girls aren't the only one who over analyze. /=

      knowmeyourself: Personally though, do you prefer a guy to call you or text you more?

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  • My guy's allergic to conversations over text -_-

    • Bummer. Is he more of a caller?

      I wonder if I should ever call her.. Thing is, we're on winter break and we won't be seeing each other for a month. I did ask if she wanted to hang out before winter quarter started, and she said she was totally down.

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