Guys, would you keep answering a girl's text if you weren't interested?

So, yeah, basically the question..

I’ve been texting with someone for quite a long time. Most of the time it’s me starting it. But he always always answers. And good answers, not “one-worded”. Then once he didn’t answer so I stopped texting him for 6 weeks. Then he contacted me all of a sudden, to hang out. That’s probably the first time he initiated it.

What could this behavior most probably mean…?

And don’t say it’s because he wanted to get laid or something. I know it’s not with this guy. And even if it was, set that possibility aside.



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  • It means he likes you or was thinking about it

    But if I didn't like a girl and she kept text me,

    I'd text her back

    But only because I didn't want to be a d***


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