Is he just looking for a pass time or something more?

of course there is a guy his name lets call him bob he is a senior and I am a junior in high school and we are both in the annual play as techies. when we are backstage he is flirty and it seems like there is something between us. for example we are always really close when we talk and when there is nothing to do we just sit down and some how we end up holding hands but when we are not back stage he acts like we are just friends except this one time we were arguing about my friends ipad and bob leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away and both him and me acted like nothing happened. I wanted to kiss him but not in front of our directors who I know for a fact would have gotten really mad. what I'm trying to ask is does he like me or is he just playing. p.s he always slaps my butt even though I tell him not to


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  • I think he is looking for time to pass, your fun to flirt with and talk too while you guys are backstage and there is nothing more to do. I would just have fun with him, but wouldn't expect this to go any further then when the play is over :).

    hope this helps

    • yes it does thank you