Which girl does he have a crush on?

So me and this guy made a bet... that if I guess right which one if these girls does he like, he will go and confess to her.

It sounds stupid, but he's a really good friend of mine and so are the other 2 girls that I am talking about, so I really want to guess it right. Because If I loose, I'll have to confess to my crush (and that's going to be embarrassing xD).

OK, so the first girl: he is really friendly with her. He often talks with her, jokes around or sits next to her (by his own will lol). This guy also lets her to wear his clothes (like he often walks around with his retro glasses or his cap). She clearly has a huge crush on him, because she often seeks for his attention and he does (kind of) respond to it. Whenever he talks to her, he looks at her.

The second one: with this one he's a complete opposite. I noticed that he kind of avoids her and doesn't talk to her at all. Like he acts as though she doesn't exist. But the strange thing is that from time to time he actually shows her some kind of attention, like teases her. He sometimes looks at her, but if there are times that he talks to her directly,he like stares to her (and that is obvious, because I can see it when I look at them). So it's kind of hot and cold.

He is an outgoing, artistic, funny guy. I'd see he's good looking too, because he's rather popular among girls.

If it helps, I am his girl-friend and he acts with me like this: jokes, fights in a playful way, we sometimes sit together, he's really friendly.

He's friendly with everyone, but he's so cold to the second girl while he treats the first one as super close friend.

So which do you think he has a crush on? He admits it's one of those girls, I just have to figure which one... So I'm going for the first one, but the way he treats the second one is so weird lol. what do you think?



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  • It could be the second, since people (including me) can be so awkward with their crush.

    Like, not really daring to approach, making huge efforts to say three words, when it's so easy to chitchat and be playful with people you don't risk doing anything disqualifying with.

    You could tell him that you think girl Nr 2 is in the scope of someone else, and that it could ruin your bet, just to see his reaction. That would be cheating a bit, but it's for the good cause ;)

    • That sounds like a great idea... Just that I'm so unsure.Because sometimes it seems to me and my other friends that he just doesn't care about her. I mean, he usually acts like she doesn't exist and stuff, so I thought that it was the first one that he's interested in. I mean, le ding his stuff and such . but thx!

    • It could be, it's not an exact science. But usually, when you're behaving with someone like they are anyone else, that means they are like anyone else. So mainly a friend.

    • I see, that definitely makes sense!

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