Should I text/call girls before they talk to me?

Hey I just wanted to know what to do. I always feel that if a girl or anyone wants to talk to me they'll hit me up. I feel me not talking first shows I'm very busy which I really am and that I must be important to them. See there's this girl I like a lot and she always talks to me first but she just stopped talking to me like she used to. I think she's trying to not look needy or she's busy or she's lost interest or she's waiting for me to talk to her. I really want to talk to her all day long if I could but I don't want to seem needy.


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  • Hey talking to a girl doesn't mean you're needy :) ohhh how I 'hate' guys like you lol joking. If I was the girl I would definitely want you to talk to me. Let me tell you a personal example. I like this guy from college, I talked to him in the beginning and he seemed nice and everything and then he playfully asked for my number and we texted a little but I always had to keep the conversation going which was annoying-even though he might have been interested in me I felt that he wasn't and that he was just playing me. After I really tried to talk to him, smile at him and stuf...but he completely ignored me and he doesn't even look at me anymore or even talks to me. I don'know what I did wrong, all I'm saying that his 'not talking or trying to make conversation' made me feel like I wasn't wanted by him. Girls will eventually give up, you know and then you'll regret not talkito them. Girls appreciare when guys talk to them:) so don't hold your ego too high ;) talk to her and discover the great person she must be! :) hope I helped , take care x


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