Do you kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend much?

I'm curious of how much people kiss or have kissed their boyfriends/girlfriends? because I've had relationships where we'd basically only kiss and kiss for hours and also ones where we just kissed at the end or beginning etc.

do you think if you kiss a lot you like each other more?

or kissing just infatuation? or...? thoughts on kissing?


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  • I'd say we kiss pretty frequently. I mean that's not all we do for hours and hours like we would at the beginning of the relationship lol. And I don't have many other relationships to compare it to. But it probably depends on the people in the relationship. I'm very affectionate and I love kissing and hugging a lot. It's my favorite way to stay connected. But I don't think it means people love each other less if they don't kiss as often.

  • most of the time when I have a boyfriend we give kisses all day no matter how long we've been together