If he texted me first, why did he not respond after me?

So this guy I've been with some texted me tonight. (Not late at all, not a booty call- like 5 pm.) Just a simple, "Hey how have you been? What's new?" I responded when I got it, about 20 minutes later. Answered his question and ended with, "what about you?" And then he never responded! I don't get why he would initiate a text and then never respond?

Well it's been a day so it can't be battery/service etc... who knows. Oh well.


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  • dead batteries? out of cell service range? at work? class?

    • But it's been like 6 hours since then... just seems odd?

    • batteries went dead while out of service,because of trying to roam for service? idk.wish I could help,i don't even no how to turn a cellphone on,so I probably not gonna be any help on this :/

    • :( maybe a shark got them?

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  • Well in cases like this its usually the simplest answer! He really was busy !

    Dont dwell too much on this.

    Its most probably nothing :)

  • Maybe he is too shy to continue the conversation, maybe he can't think of what to say next.

    • IDK... he's definitely not the shy type so I don't think that's it... and now it's been a whole day and nothing else was ever said. Oh well. Thanks for answering :)