Anyone got bad dating experiences? Please share!

I've been trying to get this guy to leave me alone for weeks now. The first date was terrible in my opinion because he was very pushy to be physical right away and that's not how I like to date. He just made me very uncomfortable and didn't back off until I told him multiple times. Then a few minutes later he would be back at it pressuring me ugh. So he is thinking he just needs to be patient and I'll like him an do all the physical stuff or some sh*t like that. I clearly told him we were just friends after the first date but he isn't listening :/ I thought we would be out of contact for good because we are off on winter break and I won't run into him but then I get a text from him trying to catch up. Dude, I thought I had finally managed to shake you off. Sorry for the rant, anyone else have stories to rant about? Anything about dating gone wrong haha


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  • My friend set me up with a friend of his, she seemed really outgoing and had a lot of piercings, I thought she was pretty cool. During dinner we were having a great time laughing and making jokes. Then she made a comment about how she thought it was awesome when girls hook up with a lot of dudes because it was empowering. I told her that I thought girls like that were disgusting and probably had an std; that comment killed the conversation and she became really serious for the rest of the night (and awkward). The next morning I told my friend about it and he told me about how promiscuous she was and that I probably offended her...that was the worst date I've ever been on.


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  • If you don't like a guy right away, NEVER go on a first date with him. It sends the wrong signals. Also, how are you guys friends...all you're doing is reinforcing the idea that he still has a chance with you. WRONG MOVE.

    • However I realize I should answer the question too. I went on a date once with a girl who couldn't make up her mind, sending me mixed signals. While she was still with her boyfriend at the time, she was abused by him and met me. She liked me or so she thought, and went on a "date" with me. While I tried to get physical, she first said no..but then she started it up again, and almost got physical yet again. But stopped. I got rid of her faster than a speeding bullet

    • he is a nice guy as a friend but I wasn't sure if I wanted more than friends. sometimes it takes a date or two to figure that out and I was up front with him that I wasn't sure about dating him but I was going to try that one date. we haven't hung out since that date, I am trying to have very little contact so he will move on. I have only seen him in passing a few times since then at university

    • Good!. Like I said, if you remain friends, you'll only reinforce the negative

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  • i've had two awful experiences back to back

    the first one was with a guy I really liked. I thought we had the connection and the chemistry. I enjoyed spending time with him, but clearly he didn't feel the same. he broke my heart, I still am not completely 100% over him.

    after he dumped me, I went out with this other guy as a rebound. I felt nothing for him but I guess you could say I used him just so I wouldn't be alone. but he was such a d***. he told me he was better than me, that his ex girlfriend was richer than my family, that I was one pound away from being fat, that because I didn't have a scholarship to college and had to work part time I was lazy and stupid, etc.

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