How do you approach "the talk"?

I have been seeing this guy for a while and he will say things that could suggest we are boyfriend/girlfriend but he also says things that could suggest he is seeing other people. I don't want to assume anything so I was wondering how to approach it. I am OK either way but I would like to know for sure because assuming the wrong thing could screw things up for both of us.

Guys how would you like this to be approached, it's really uncomfortable for me and it might be for him too.

I guess it isn't so much 'the talk' but asking what we are. Open or exclusive?


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  • just ask him what he wants out of the relationship. just be calm about it. I don't see what the big deal is. if he can't handle talking about the two of you.. m, he won't be much of a boyfriend. & if your afraid to bring it up, you won't be much of a girlfriend, your not attacking him, you just want to know what he wants.

    if you don't care either way , then you wouldn't be thinking of how to ask him. don't start off lying, decide what you want& tell him & ask him what he wants.

    if you really don't care, then just leave it be.

    if he didn't want you assuming the wrong thing he'd say something. just like if you didn't want him assuming the wrong thing d say something. but what you are saying is you don't care. So why are you going to talk to him?

    would him assuming the wrong thing screw you guys up? if so then you have an obligation to tell him the right thing..

    which would be what? not 'i don't care' what if he says I don't care. then nothing changes. so if all you have to say is I don't care-leave it alone.

    • I don't care either way but I also want to know because if he is seeing other people then it's only fair that I get to also. I have no reason to lie or anything to lie about. I don't want to assume that we are open and go out with other guys because frankly I am being tempted by two guys right now. Just dates but I don't want to assume anything and if he wants to be exclusive then he will get hurt. I like him and don't want to hurt him and am perfectly willing to give up other guys for him.

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  • So you don't know if he's dating someone else as well?

    • No. But I don't know if we are exclusive either, I don't want to assume anything because assuming leads to stupid behavior . I am not seeing anyone else in case you are wondering.

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    • That is OK, I prefer straight forward and direct myself.

    • That's why you're a cool chick :)

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  • Just keep it light, easy, and honest. Tell him that you like him and you're wondering if he sees things turning into a relationship or something along those lines. Just try not to make him feel pressured.