Does he have any feelings for me???

this guy I know we have texted a few times, actually almost every night. him and my boyfriend know each other. sometimes he acts as though he's scared of him saying "wheres so and so"! me and my boyfriend got in an argument last night and yes I texted him. he was like "u should leave him one night and come see me" I was like "no haha" he said "y" I said "cause you have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend he said "haha OK lol" I waited like an hour and texted him back I said "yeah I will come" he said "what did your boyfriend do" I said "nothing y" he said "haha what made you think that now" I said "just a thought" he said "haha OK y" I said "idk" he said "wen" I said "idk one night not tonight" he was like OK and he started asking me what am I doing and he was sending me smiley faces and stuff which he has always done that. Y would he ask that?


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  • Whatever. He's breaking the bro code with your BF.

    • yeah they aren't like besties. they just know one another

    • Still. It can create feuds.

    • i know he tells me to delete my messages and stuff. he asks all the time if he's around or where he's at... if he's around he will be like "i will text you later. delete your messages. bye:)

      and he will put smileys! he says he don't like drama

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