Met a guy online - will it work?

I was in a relationship for 6 years and have two little boys ages 2 and 3. He was always cheatin and lying and stayin out all hours of the night and day. When we ended our relationship completely I remained single for awhile..which still am..and I met this guy online. I have seen pictures of him and he's seen them of the beginning we emailed constantly back and forth..sometimes 10 or more back to back..he understood about my kids..although he doesn't have any of his own..but wants them..he's very sensitive and wants to be with me and my kids and wants to meet me and take me and my kids to meet his family. His emails are always so long and detailed and he never runs out of things to talk about like he wants to know everything bout me. He's very sweet and caring and talks like he wants to give me the world because he knows what I've been through. Then after awhile the emails started getting shorter and sometimes he'd go a day or two without emailing me..he says its because he has two jobs now. Ill see that he's been online and didn't email me but he says he was only on for a second. I got upset about it and he told me not to give up on him that he still wants to be with me. Another problem..he doesn't have a phone so I've never even heard his voice. He just moved to a whole different state not knowing anyone which is why, he says, thata he doesn't have anything right now. Everything about him seems so real and everything I want. But is it real?


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  • that whole phone thing seems a bit weird to me, but yeah I think its real, cause I mean why would he pick a mom with 2 kids to take advantage of, unless he's really messed up, but yeah you make him sound legit, and I hope you guys get along even more because a single mom such as yourself deserves someone by their side.

    i hope dis helps

  • Will it work? Well that's up to you and him. Can it? Absolutely. The only difference between meeting someone online and in person is that you don't have the physical interaction and tone with communication. Other than's not really a big deal. You're really not "much" safer meeting someone in person than you are online.


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